September 1st, 2021

Father’s Day is just around the corner! With only a couple of days left to secure the perfect present for Dad, you’re either one of two people. The kind that had the perfect Father’s Day gift prepped and ready weeks ago, or the kind that is still going to be scrambling on Saturday to find a gift that is thoughtful, unique and useful. 

If you’re the latter, you’ll be glad to know that there is an INOX product for almost every type of Dad under the sun. There’s no denying that dads love hobbies, so no matter if Dad’s a handyman, a not so handyman, an angler, a hobbyist, a 4WD fan or anything else – INOX will help him make quick work of small and big jobs around the house. 

And if you’re a Dad, why not grab some yourself? If power tools are on your gift list, make sure you have the gear to keep them running for years and years! Pick up a can of INOX and get the best value out of your gifts!  

Read on to find out which INOX product is perfect for your Dad. 



The Handyman Dad

If your Dad is a handyman or even a fully-fledged tradesman, he’ll be the kind of guy that would rather spend his spare time sorting out the nuts and bolts of the house, the car and sometimes even the boat. We all know a ‘Handyman Dad’ and one way to show that you truly know what he wants is to hook him up with some INOX-MX3. It’s a great product to help penetrate corrosion and free up any hinges, locks, nuts and bolts, shafts, chains, stuck doors or garages and much more. It’s good for basically anything around the house and is a must-have for all home handymen and tradesmen alike.



The Car Enthusiast

If your Dad is a car enthusiast, there are a whole range of INOX products that would make excellent gifts. If we had to choose just one, we’d recommend the INOX-MX8 as it’s a universal grease that’s great for loosening up wheels, CV joints and cables with grease nipples. You can also use it on trailers, and to help loosen up steering and suspension too. 

Additionally, for those looking to splash out this Father’s Day, you could add INOX-MX3 as well, and give him something to clean and protect his upholstery, lubricate doors and hinges, protect metal components under the bonnet, and guard the exterior from saltwater and terrain-related damage. INOX-MX4 is another perfect purchase for a Dad who’s car is built for exploring. If there are any camping or 4WD trips in the near future, using MX4 before you go will make the exterior and underbody a breeze to wash off.

If you want the complete package, INOX-MX11 Chain & Brake Cleaner is another must-have in your Dad’s arsenal. It easily dissolves oil, grease and grime and can be used as a degreaser for pretty much anything mechanical! 

HINT: INOX-MX3 also acts as a great bug shield for night drivers! Just spray it on before driving, and you will find that bugs and insects will be easy to remove the next day – rather than caking onto the front of the car.



The Adventure Dad

We’re talking about the kind of Dad that loves nothing more than a good trip in the 4×4 or a morning on the boat. He’s the kind of Dad that owns all the camping gear and more fishing rods than he needs. If this fits your Dad to a tee, then he’s going to love INOX-MX3. It will not only keep his fishing rods, reel clamps, runners and rod tips lubricated and free from corrosion, but the oil base helps to prolong the protection between applications, as it is not soluble in water. To prevent oxidation and rust from forming, INOX-MX3 is the ultimate addition to any Dad’s tackle box. 

When it’s time for dad to begrudgingly put all of his sport gear into storage, LANOX-MX4 offers great long lasting protection so everything is just as he left them when it’s time for the next adventure. 

LANOX-MX4 is also ideal for protecting marine vehicles because the lanolin based product stops electrolysis between different metals and prevents oxidation and rust from forming on the surface. Definitely worth coating your boats, jet skis and trailers with.



The Sporty Dad

If your Dad is the kind of guy that would take a bullet for his favourite athletes and is often caught down at the golf course with his fellow sport-loving friends, you cannot go past INOX-MX3. For the avid sports Dad, a good set of golf clubs is an investment piece and with the utmost care, can be a ‘pride and joy’ possession for years to come. With the INOX-MX3, Dad can clean, polish and protect the heads and shafts of his golf clubs and golf bags. Plus, this product can also be used to lubricate and protect the wheel rims of a golf buggy if required. It’s an all-rounder product and is sure to make any sporty Dad’s day.



The Hobbyist Dad

Who remembers being a child, watching Dad play with his model toys, knowing very well that you weren’t allowed to play with them? If that’s you, you’ve got a hobbyist Dad! For this kind of Dad, you simply can’t go past INOX-MX3 for long-term protection from moisture and corrosion. You can use this product on anything from model aircraft engines, to wheels and control linkages. It’s also a great lubricate for remote control gear, wiring, servo-motors and aerials. Your hobbyist Dad will appreciate your graduation from a sticky-fingered kid, to the adult that wants to help preserve his precious models for the rest of his life. Talk about brownie points! 

If you’re happy to spend a few more bucks so Dad gets longer use out of his hobby toys, grab a can of INOX-MX5 for supreme, super-slick and longer-lasting lubrication. The 30ml injector bottle makes applying it to small gears and tracks super easy. 



The Office Dad

Last but not least, the office dad. We’re talking about the kind that leaves for work early with his laptop in hand or runs a business from home. Because of that, make sure his office is working perfectly with INOX-MX3FG

This product is the kind of spray and wipe that can clean and polish office equipment like no other – especially wooden furniture due to its non-static nature (so it won’t attract dust). The office should be a quiet place, so make sure Dad’s squeaking chair isn’t secretly driving him barmy. It’ll make any loud drawers or filing cabinets move a lot smoother too. Your Dad will love how his father’s day gift lets him have full control of his office space

The best part is it’s an odour free aerosol, so no matter how stuffy his cubicle or office is, it will still smell fresh if he uses INOX on his items. Well at least, if there is an odd smell you can be sure it’s not INOX.  


INOX Is The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day

INOX makes every other Father’s Day gift work better! And it’s a great standalone present too! If you’re still scrambling to find your Dad the best Father’s Day gift, rest assured that we’ve got something for you. What makes INOX products so fantastic is their sheer versatility, so be sure to check out our full range of products and applications on offer, or contact us if you have any questions.