Circuits, multi-pin plugs and keyboards

INOX-MX3 frees up sticking computer and word processing equipment key board keys, keeps them free and in a smooth operating condition.

Spray INOX-MX3 into multi-pin sockets and on multi-pin plugs for protection from corrosion and electrolysis caused by condensation, stops plugs sticking and jamming in.

INOX-MX3 keeps circuits free from moisture and corrosion, stops electrolysis.

CAUTION: Do not use INOX products on Recording Heads or Bladder switches (It may effect the operating efficiency of these parts).

Telephone systems

INOX-MX3 lubricant (LANOX-MX4 for the more extreme climatic condition areas) stops electrolysis between aluminium and stainless steel, keeps fibre optic cable connectors corrosion and moisture free.

INOX-MX3 keeps relays, contact assemblies, circuits and wiring terminals used in telephone hand sets, switch boards and telephone exchanges moisture and corrosion free.

Radios, Television and antennas

In high moisture and coastal areas, INOX-MX3 will protect radio and television receiver circuits and chassis from moisture and corrosion.

LANOX-MX4 protects marine two way radios and other marine electronic equipment from electrolysis and corrosion caused by salt air and condensation. Can be sprayed directly into electronic equipment.

Use LANOX-MX4 to protect cable terminals and framework on TV antennas and satellite receivers from corrosion.

CAUTION: INOX products can be safely used on all direct, single and multi phase alternating and high tension currents with the one (1) exception, when using the Aerosol Packaged INOX, please allow a couple of minutes for the propellant gas to dissipate before switching on the current. This procedure is not required for the non-pressurized packaged INOX products.