May 7th, 2021

In these cooler winter months, it’s super important to keep on top of your garage and shed as the season changes. The winter elements can cause damage to certain products and materials and we’d hate to see that happen to your belongings! INOX lubricants have a variety of applications that will be extremely helpful in maintaining your gear – in our latest article we’ve put together our top tips: 

Declutter Your Space & Pack Away Summer Items 

Before you can get into the nitty-gritty of your winter overhaul, it’s important to declutter your workspace. The garage or shed is usually the go-to dumping ground for items that you’re either reluctant to part with or just have nowhere to store – AKA, clutter. Going through the decluttering stage as the first step, is a satisfying task and the possible outcomes include:

  • Freeing up space for indoor parking 
  • Room to implement better storage solutions such as cabinetry 
  • Making the space safer by eliminating tripping hazards from the floor 
  • Your items will be easier to find!

Once the decluttering is completed, the next step is to store away your summer items that you won’t be using for the next few months. These items will typically be your fishing gear, pool toys, beach equipment, etc. 

alt="tools hanging on a tidy workbench"

Take Inventory Of Your Tools 

Now that the tedious task of decluttering and packing away has been completed, it’s time to make note of your tools and equipment and keep inventory. By doing this your future self will thank you for being so organised! This will allow you to reach for your most used items in a flash, while reminding you of other items you might not have realised you still have (it’s a win-win). 

Prepare & Service Your Equipment & Tools

This might not be something you do frequently throughout the year, so why not take the downtime in winter to give your tools and equipment some much needed TLC? 

When it comes to power tools and equipment, there are various ways you can use INOX lubricants to keep them in tip-top shape. INOX-MX3 penetrates all forms of corrosion on hinges, locks, nuts and bolts, shafts, chains, light fittings, switches, control cables, water faucets, toilet cisterns and much more. This keeps them serviceable for months to come! 

alt="Inox can help smoothen the process of cleaning your shed this Winter"


The anti-corrosion and lubricating component of the MX3 is also the right product for long term use on roller skates and blades, skateboards, control cables, lawnmowers, snowploughs (for those who get to play in the snow!), hedge trimmers, power tools, sliding doors and windows, garage roller doors, sewing machines and anywhere else around the garage that might need a quality lubricant.

Some other uses for INOX include:

  • INOX-MX4 for the underside of lawnmowers and ride-on mowers helps stop dirt and grass from sticking and makes it easier to keep clean
  • INOX-MX5 for lubricating bicycle chains, brake cables and wheel bearings
  • INOX-MX6 grease for o-rings in swimming pools and spa bath plumbing 

These are just some of the hundreds of uses INOX has on domestic applications. One can of INOX can make all the difference for your next garage winter tidy-up. If you have any questions about how our products can help you with your everyday tasks and hobbies, reach out to our passionate team today. Happy cleaning!