May 31st, 2021

Plenty of summer sports are still enjoyed in winter. In fact, some sports are even more enjoyable. On the other hand, a few of our sporting hobbies are best enjoyed when it’s hot, making winter the time we safely stow away our summer hobby gear. 

Either way, our maintenance habits for our hobby gear changes with the change of seasons. For our winter maintenance, we find ourselves either picking up the pace for winter sporting items, or protecting and storing our summer gear so that it’s as good as new when the weather warms up again. To find out how you should protect and store your hobby gear this winter, read on.

Protect & Store Your Boating & Jet Skiing Equipment

With the days getting colder, boating and jet skiing can get a tad chilly. The wind whipping your face has more bite to it and the water sprays leave a noticeable chill. If you’re using your boat or jet ski less frequently in winter, it’s best to stay on top of your winter preparations. 

Before putting your boat or jet ski covers on, it’s best to apply our INOX and LANOX anti-corrosion and anti-moisture lubricants. To treat corrosion or rust, apply INOX-MX3. It will readily free rusted and salt corroded boat fittings and parts, light sockets, switches, hinges, locks, steering cables, shackle bolts, slides and more. 

Plus, we know you want your hoses to look shiny and mint! For these rubber items there is no need to spray INOX or LANOX, just use a little warm soapy water and a cloth to keep them gleaming and ready for your next ride. If you need any extra lubrication, MX6 is the perfect rubber grease for the job.  

To prevent corrosion, apply LANOX-MX4 on all external fittings, aerials, trailers and their fittings, radar and radio brackets, air conditioning unit and fan motors, as well as refrigeration units. Keeping up with this reliable anti-corrosion measure during your winter maintenance for your hobby items will keep your gear in a good serviceable, corrosion-free condition for their full intended life. This is especially important for your boating equipment, as LANOX-MX4 is designed to stop electrolysis between different metals and prevent oxidation and rust from forming on the surface, which helps to protect against seawater and salt spray; obvious catalysts for corrosion.

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Bike Maintenance For Winter

Some summer sports become even more glorious during winter. Enjoying a long bike ride on a sunny winter’s day is a prime example. If you use your bike more frequently during winter, it’s important to keep your winter maintenance up to scratch. 

Check your brakes and tires to ensure your bike will be reliable and functional. Also, keep your bike under cover as much as possible when storing it to prevent mildew forming. 

The next step is to lube your bike chain to keep it running smoothly. Use INOX-MX5 Plus PTFE on all bike chains, clutch and brake cables. Use INOX-MX11 Chain and Brake Cleaner to clean bike chains (and it’s alright – it will not harm chain o-rings). To keep your bike clean and corrosion free, we recommend applying LANOX-MX4

Get Winter Sporting Gear Ready For Use

If you’re a fan of skiing or snowboarding, you probably know how important proper maintenance practices are. This is especially important when we get ready for winter sports. Be sure to keep your equipment clean and free from dirt. After every ski trip, be sure to wipe down your gear with a damp cloth. Before stowing away, ensure your skis or snowboard is completely dry. 

To prevent corrosion, apply LANOX-MX4 on all clips and buckles on boots, plus if you have leather boots, you can also spray this on them to protect your boots from harsh conditions. At the end of the season, spray LANOX-MX4 on the snowboard and ski edges to prevent rusting and corrosion. 

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Keep Your Car Protected For Winter

Whether your car is a fun hobby, or your day-to-day essential, you still need to get ready for winter by implementing proper car maintenance. Winter brings us shorter days, more fog, more mildew and wetter roads. It’s only natural your maintenance will adjust during the cooler months. 

To improve your visibility during winter, be sure to keep your windscreens and mirrors clean. Just remember not to wipe a cold windscreen with hot water as it’ll likely crack. Also, inspect your tires to ensure they have functional tread wear. For your car door hinges and locks, apply INOX MX3. You may opt for the MX3TW-375 Ultimate 2-Way nozzle, which can target hard to reach areas. 

INOX Makes Winter Maintenance Easy

Before we pack away some of our beloved summer sport gear, we need to complete proper winter maintenance to ensure our equipment stays as good as new. Likewise, as we start using certain sporting gear more often during winter, we need to ensure our winter maintenance practices align with this. With the help of INOX, you can do just this. With the right product, getting ready for winter is easy. We stock a board range of lubricants suitable for virtually any sport or hobby. Be sure to browse our products on our website, and if you have any questions, contact our friendly team.