INOX-MX3 readily penetrates all forms of corrosion to free up hinges, locks, nuts and bolts, shafts, chains, light fittings, switches, control cables, water faucets, toilet cisterns, etc and will keep them free and serviceable for months on end.


The anti-corrosion and lubricating quality of INOX-MX3 is the right product for long term, trouble free service for roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, control cables, lawnmowers, snowploughs, hedge trimmers, power tools, door locks and hinges, sliding doors and windows, garage roller doors, sewing machines and anywhere else around the home that might need a quality lubricant.

Use INOX-MX5 Plus for lubricating bicycle chains, brake cables and wheel bearings.

Use INOX-MX6 grease for O rings in swimming pool and spabath plumbing.


For protection from rust and other forms of corrosion, spray INOX-MX3 on wrenches and hand tools, bicycles, light fittings and switches, power tools, hinges, locks, aluminium windows and sliding doors, etc

Use LANOX-MX4 for protection from moisture and corrosion for outside TV antennas, garden tools, outdoor swings, BBQ’s, lawnmowers, chain saws, outside light fittings, pool pump motors, gate hinges and latches, outdoor furniture, etc.

Spray LANOX-MX4 on the underside of lawnmowers and ride on mowers, helps stop dirt and grass sticking and makes it easier to keep clean.

Spray INOX-MX3 on a clean cloth and wipe over timber furniture, wipe the excess off with a soft dry cloth and it will leave that table, chair or furniture piece with a lovely polished sheen.

Spray LANOX-MX4 on work boots and riding boots to protect the leather and waterproof them.

Spray LANOX-MX4 on a clean cloth and wipe over leather jackets and pants to protect and make them water resistant.

Use INOX-MX3 to clean and polish the outside of refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, stoves, etc.

Use INOX-MX2 Battery Conditioner for all lead-acid batteries in ride on mowers, solar and generator charged stationary lead-acid battery power supply banks and emergency power lead-acid batteries, makes batteries more efficient with longer trouble free operating life.