Cars, 4WD’s & Work Vehicles:

Batteries (lead-acid):

INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner for long term life and better performance for batteries, cars, motorcycles, trucks. Helps stop sulfation.


Wheels, CV joints, universals, INOX MX8 grease.

Brake and clutch:

Disc brake caliper slides, flywheel spigot bearings, INOX MX6. Handbrake and spigot clutch cables, INOX MX8 grease for cables with grease nipples and INOX MX8 spray grease for those without.

Bugs and insects:

Spray INOX MX3 across the front of the vehicle at night before driving and the bugs and insects will be easier to remove next day.


Use INOX MX8 grease for all grease nipple points. Underside of 4WD’s and work vehicles for protection from seawater and salt spray, LANOX MX4 grease and LANOX MX4 liquid lubricant.

Control cables and linkages:

INOX-MX3 for normal conditions and LANOX MX4 for the more severe climatic conditions. INOX MX8 grease for all gear change cables and metal bushes.

Door hinges and locks:

INOX MX3 lubricant.


Battery terminals, INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4, depending on the climatic condition. Switches, light fittings, solenoids, relays, plugs, sockets, etc, INOX MX3 (internal) and INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4 (external) depending on climatic conditions.

Upholstery and dashes:

INOX MX3 – spray on and wipe off. Cleans and protects vinyl and leather dashes and upholstery.

Suspension and steering:

For all ball joints, tie rod ends, wishbone metal pivot bushes, idler arms, king pins, use INOX MX8 grease.


Tow balls and couplings, wheel bearings, INOX MX8 grease. Mechanical brakes and corrosion protection,LANOX MX4


Drum bearings, bushes and cable feeds, 4WD’s, Towing, INOX-MX8 grease. Cables, LANOX MX4 or INOX MX8 grease

Mechanical Workshops & Panel beaters:

Auto electrical:

Removal and disassembly of starter motors, generators, alternators, solenoids, relays, light fittings, etc, that are rusted or corroded, INOX MX3 to penetrate and free up parts. Starter motor, generator, alternator bearings and bushes, solenoid shafts and bendix assemblies, INOX MX8 grease, (INOX MX5 Plus can also be used for bendix assemblies). For the general protection of all wiring, switches and all other electrical components from rust, chemical corrosion and moisture, INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4.


Engine assembly, crank shaft, big end, cam shaft bearings, INOX MX7. Flywheel spigot bushes and bearings, INOX MX6 grease. For long shelf life and protection from corrosion for machined engine parts, crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder sleeves, cylinder heads, etc, LANOX MX4. Assembly of gearbox and differential components, bearings, bushes, gears, worm drives, INOX MX7. For the protection of all gearbox and differential machined parts from corrosion, INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4.


After pressure washing transmission valve body, INOX MX3 will disperse water and protect valve body prior to assembly.

Fuel injection systems:

Repair, assembly and maintenance of fuel injectors, pumps and protection from moisture and corrosion, INOX MX3.

Manifolds and exhausts:

To free up corrosion frozen manifold and manifold exhaust flange bolts, exhaust systems, U bolts, turbo unions and flanges, INOX MX3.

Panel and paint:

To free rusted body panel screws and bolts, INOX MX3. INOX / LANOX products contain no silicon and will not affect any paint or spray painting. INOX MX3 buffed into old paintwork will neutralise oxidation of paint while in storage.