Switches, plugs, lights

Use INOX-MX3 to penetrate corrosion and free up switches, bayonet and screw socket light globes, all light fittings, plugs and cable couplings, keeps this type of equipment corrosion free and in good serviceable order for up to 2 years.

Spray INOX-MX3 on screw socket type light fittings, it stops corrosion and makes globes easier to unscrew when replacing.

Use LANOX-MX4 to protect against moisture and corrosion, refrigeration unit circuits and cable connectors and plugs used in sea, road and rail containers, warehouse cold rooms and freezing works. Helps prevent short circuit arcing and earth leakage.

Relays, solenoids, etc

Use INOX-MX3 to keep relay, solenoid and regulator coils and circuits, contact arms and pivots lubricated and free from corrosion. In high moisture or wet areas, use LANOX-MX4 in these situations for more effective control against corrosion.

Use INOX-MX6 (No melt) grease to lubricate relay/regulator pivot arms where higher temperature conditions prevail.

INOX-MX3 is very effective in stopping condensation in this type of equipment used in cold storage rooms, freezing works, abattoirs, etc, dramatically reducing instances of short circuits and seizures caused by moisture and corrosion.

LANOX-MX4 should be used where the locations are subject to more extreme conditions, such as wharves, oceanside, salt and chemical manufacturing, desalination plants, etc.

Motors, generators and power boards

INOX-MX3 can be safely sprayed on field windings and armatures in motors and generators to protect them from moisture and corrosion, lubricates shaft bushes and small pin and ball bearings, helps prevents grounding and seizing.

For protection from moisture and corrosion caused by condensation, spray

LANOX-MX4 into fan motors and exhaust fan motors used in high moisture areas, such as cold rooms, freezing works, abattoirs, etc.

Use INOX-MX3 on power board circuits as a preventive measure against moisture and corrosion, keeps power board relays and solenoids in good operating condition, free from moisture and corrosion. Use LANOX-MX4 where these units are situated in wet areas or where more extreme climatic conditions prevail.

CAUTION: INOX-MX3 or LANOX-MX4 should not be used on power board circuits, relays, regulators, contacts, etc where there is a high presence of coal dust in the air, such as at coal loading terminals.

INOX products can be safely used on all direct, single and multi phase alternating and high tension currents with the one (1) exception, when using the Aerosol Packaged INOX, please allow a couple of minutes for the propellant gas to dissipate before switching on the current. This procedure is not required for the non-pressurized packaged INOX products.

Any INOX product can be easily removed with INOX-MX11 or most mineral solvents.