General Overview

INOX MX3 lubricant will keep all weapons in a first class operating condition and free from corrosion and moisture whether they are used everyday or kept in storage for long periods.

INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4 will not harm any timber or plastic stocks or grips or the blued or blackened metal coatings on guns.

INOX MX3 will not dry out or gum up mechanisms or slides.


Use INOX MX3 to clean and protect all barrels, chambers, slides and trigger mechanisms. Using the extension tube on the aerosol pack, you can easily flush out dirt and powder residue from sensitive trigger mechanisms,lubricating and protecting them without causing damage to them.

Use INOX MX6 synthetic No melt grease for all chamber/barrel slides on semi-automatics where the temperature generated is a lot higher than normal.

INOX MX3 is the only product that can be used to clean, lubricate and protect all handguns from corrosion all the time whether in use or in storage.

Black Powder Loaders

INOX MX3 will help clean off black powder residue and keep them corrosion free and lubricated between use.

Rifles and Shotguns

All rifles, shotguns, semi and fully automatic weapons can all be fully stripped, cleaned and reassembled using INOX MX3. It will keep these weapons in a good corrosion free operating condition without drying out or gumming up.

Use INOX MX3 to help remove the build up in shotgun barrels.

INOX MX3 is a good lubricant for operational use and it leaves no residue, allowing for easier cleaning after use.

INOX MX6 No melt grease is the ideal lubricant for barrel break hinges on shotguns, it doesn’t melt or leak.

LANOX MX4 is good for long term corrosion free storage of all these weapons.

Barrel Storage

Use LANOX MX4 for the long term storage of all handgun, rifle and shotgun barrels. It only has to be re-applied every 2 to 3 years for all barrels kept in storage.


Use INOX MX3 for all repairs and maintenance.

INOX MX3 is an ideal lubricant for cutting, drilling, tapping and machining of all gun parts.