INOX-MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant is ideal for door hinges (keeps them squeak free for up to 2 years), makes side curtains on truck/trailers , aluminium roller doors (Fire Tenders, etc) and pneumatic sliding doors on buses, trains, etc, free and easy to work without gumming up. Keeps control cables, linkages and windscreen wipers, lubricated and in good working order. Use INOX-MX5 Plus on air brake slake adjusters, keeps them well lubricated and in good working,corrosion free order. Use INOX-MX8 EP grease for chassis, wheel bearings, universals, suspension and leaf spring bushes, kingpins, tie rod ends, turntables, etc.

Use INOX-MX9 Chain lube and INOX-MX8 EP spray grease to lubricate and protect forklift and car hoist chains, keeps them corrosion free and in good working order.

Doors and door locks

In freezing and below freezing temperatures, spray INOX-MX3 into lock key ways, door locking and operating mechanisms to stop them from freezing up. Spray INOX-MX3 on a cloth and wipe on door seals to stop the doors from freezing shut.

Protection and penetration

INOX-MX3 penetrates the severest of corrosion, use to free up bolts and nuts on exhaust manifolds/systems, suspension spring shackles, U bolts/nuts and anywhere parts are frozen up with corrosion. Spray on wheel nuts and studs for easy removal, frees up air brake linkages, shafts and air brake slack adjusters.

Use LANOX-MX4 to keep these parts clean and corrosion free.

Use LANOX-MX4 to protect stock crates from corrosion, lubricates and protects hinges and locking bolts on stock crates and shipping containers.

Electrical systems

INOX-MX3 will give long term protection from moisture and corrosion (up to 2 yrs) when sprayed into the light sockets and fittings of stop, tail, brake and clearance lights. Gives long term protection from moisture and corrosion for all electrical systems, starter motors, generators, alternators, relays and switches.

Use INOX-MX2 Battery Conditioner in all truck and machinery lead-acid batteries to give better trouble free performance and longer battery life.

Salt/sea environment

Use LANOX-MX4 spray lubricant and LANOX-MX4 grease for good protection against corrosion and moisture for electrical systems, generators, starter motors, light fittings, switches,etc. For trucks used in this type of harsh environments, such as those used in salt manufacturing, marine and seafood processing industry.

Truck Interiors

INOX-MX3 is good for cleaning and protecting vinyl dashes, upholstery and side panels(doors), doesn’t give off fumes that coat the inside of windscreens. Polish the inside of the windscreen with INOX-MX3 to stop fogging up.

Bug Remover

Night driving in summer, spray a good coat of INOX-MX3 on the front of the truck (grill, head lights, hood, fenders, etc) you are driving and any bugs or insects that stick can be easily hosed off next morning (works all the time). If you already have insects on the front of your truck, spray on a good coat of INOX-MX3, wait for an hour and hose the bugs off with a good high pressure water hose.