Airfield support equipment:

All lead-acid batteries in tow motors, fire tenders, auxiliary power start-up vehicles, etc – INOX MX2 for longer trouble free battery life. To keep battery terminals free from corrosion use LANOX MX4 grease. All bearings, bushes, universals. mechanical couplings, all greasing points – INOX MX8 grease for normal temperature conditions and INOX MX6 grease for very high temperature applications. INOX MX3 and LANOX MX4 for general lubrication of cables and linkages. For corrosion control on all machinery, electrical (wiring, light fittings, switches, etc) and other equipment INOX MX3 (internally) and LANOX MX4 (internally or externally).

Aircraft corrosion control:

For corrosion and moisture control, spray LANOX MX4 inside wings, tail planes, tight and hard to get at areas in the fuselage, wheel bays, external light fittings, etc. For crop dusters, spray LANOX MX4 on the underside of the wings, fuselage and tailplane, making it easier to clean off chemicals and helps stop corrosion. Corrosion control on Seaplane floats, struts, all fittings and fasteners, LANOX MX4 grease and LANOX MX4 liquid lubricant. Wiring, switches and all other electrics in general, INOX MX3 or LANOX MX4, depending on the climatic conditions for the aircraft’s area of operations.

Parts storage:

For the corrosion/moisture free storage of engines, machined engine parts and fittings, cylinders, piston/conrod assemblies, crank/cam shafts, landing gear wheels and struts, propeller variable pitch gearboxes and parts, turbine fan blades,etc, LANOX MX4. Air frame panels and alloy parts, INOX MX3.

Aircraft maintenance:

INOX MX3 and LANOX MX4 are extremely efficient lubricants for cutting, machining, drilling and tapping aluminium and alloys. They stop tool chatter, reduce burring, work a lot cooler and cut cleaner. Drills and saw blades will last up to 8 to 10 times longer than with other conventional type cutting lubricants.

INOX or LANOX lubricants will not harm aluminium/alloy or paint finishes and they also stop electrolysis between aluminium and other metals.