Rust and corrosion

INOX-MX3 readily penetrates rust and corrosion to free up wheel nuts and track and blade bolts, exhaust manifolds and systems, splines and drive couplings and any other corrosion or rust seized up equipment.



LANOX-MX4 gives protection from moisture and corrosion and stops nuts, bolts and parts from seizing up, makes them easier to undo next time around.

Use LANOX-MX4 grease on battery terminals for moisture and corrosion control.

INOX-MX3 protects electrical systems, spray into switches, light fittings, starter motors, generators, alternators, regulators and wiring to stop moisture and corrosion.

Spray LANOX-MX4 inside body panels and under the engine cowlings for corrosion and vermin control (INOX-MX3 will keep out mice)

Use LANOX-MX4 for overall corrosion control on all external tractor parts.


INOX-MX3 lubricates linkages, control cables, hinges and locks, stops them from freezing up in sub zero temperatures.

PTO splines and couplings, use INOX-MX8 spray grease.

Wheel bearings, PTO universals, tierod ends, ball joints, suspension arm bushes, chassis lubrication points and greaseable control cables, use INOX-MX8 EP grease.


Use LANOX-MX4 to free up and protect all parts and external surface from rust and corrosion. Battery terminals, use LANOX-MX4 grease to stop corrosion.

Spray LANOX-MX4 on the cutting blades and separator fingers (forks) at the front of combine harvesters to protect them from moisture and corrosion in the off season.


Use INOX-MX8 spray grease for chain and sprocket drives, splines, couplings and metal bushes.

LANOX-MX4 for lubrication and protection from corrosion on all linkages, cables, locks and hinges, all electrical fittings and wiring on all grain, fruit, vegetable, cane harvesting and picking equipment.

Wheel bearings, greaseable control cables, PTO universals, tie rod ends, ball joints, all chassis grease nipples, use INOX-MX8 EP grease.

INOX-MX3 lubricant is compatible with hydraulic oil and hydraulic systems.

For lubrication and protection from corrosion and moisture, spray INOX-MX3 into and on all electrical fittings and systems, pneumatic and electric power hand tools, chain saws, wrenches and hand tools, taps and dies, (INOX-MX3 is a good cutting lubricant), linkages, control cables and electrical systems on stationary gasoline and diesel engines, power generating plants and irrigation pump motors.

Stationary Equipment

Use LANOX-MX4 to lubricate and protect travelling irrigators, winches, cables and linkages on windmills. Use INOX-MX8 spray grease to lubricate chain and sprocket drives, open gears, metal bushes on windmill heads, travelling irrigators and other farm equipment. Use INOX-MX8 EP grease to lubricate all bearings, greaseable pivots, tie rod ends, winches and cables, slides, ball joints, etc.

Use LANOX-MX4 to protect and lubricate paddock gate hinges, latches and locks.

Shearing Equipment

Use INOX-MX3 to lubricate combs, cutters and hand pieces.

Use INOX-MX5 Plus to lubricate over head gears, hand piece connecting drive shafts and elbow gears.

INOX-MX3 will keep combs, cutters and hand pieces in good condition and free from corrosion between shearing seasons.

INOX-MX3 is very good for the lubrication and protection from corrosion for feed lines, conveyors and chains used in poultry and egg production sheds.

In egg grading and packaging lines, use INOX-MX3FG (Food Grade) to lubricate and protect the conveyor bearings and bushes, electrical systems in egg washing plant, grading and sorting machinery, keeps equipment in a good condition.

INOX-MX3FG will not harm eggs or will eggs stick to it.

Earth Moving Machinery

INOX-MX3 lubricant will penetrate and lubricate rusted and corrosion frozen track, blade bolts and nuts, splines and couplings, exhaust systems, air brake parts, fuel injectors, door hinges and locks, etc.

With HEAT SEIZURES on the larger diesel engines (D 12 series/equivalent upwards) pour half a litre of INOX-MX3 lubricant down each fuel injector port and leave for approximately 12 hours. In most instances this will free up the pistons and rings and allow the machinery to recommence operations saving on costly down time and overhauls.

INOX-MX3 can be used 3 times for this application before the engine requires a full overhaul. INOX-MX3 will keep electric starter motors, alternators/generators, air starters, lights, solenoids, switches, circuits, pneumatic systems and other electrical parts and fittings lubricated, corrosion and moisture free.

Spray LANOX-MX4 on all male hydraulic couplings, especially on bobcats and back hoes, makes them snap back in easily and quickly.

For all wheel and track bearings, grease nippled knuckle joints, universals, bushes steering shafts and control cables, use INOX-MX8 EP grease. Non grease nippled control cables, bushes and PTO splines, use INOX-MX8 EP spray grease or INOX-MX9 No Chukka Chain lube.

INOX-MX3 or LANOX-MX4 will not harm or effect hydraulic parts, fittings or systems.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Use INOX-MX2 Battery Conditioner in all batteries used in farm machinery, mining and earth moving machinery, lighting plants, power supply plants, emergency back up systems, any machinery in storage, solar storage, hire equipment and all lead-acid batteries. Helps to stop suphation build up, batteries operate better with far less problems and last longer.

Salt Sining

LANOX-MX4 is very effective as an anti-corrosion lubricant for parts and fittings on plant and machinery used in the salt mining and salt processing industry. LANOX-MX4 can be sprayed directly into starter motors and alternators/generators for lubrication and protection from corrosion.

Use LANOX-MX4 to protect all wiring, circuits, solenoids, light fittings, regulators, etc on all machinery and equipment from corrosion and moisture.

Winches, cables, shackles

LANOX-MX4 will keep these easy to do, undo and strip and free from corrosion and moisture.

Use INOX-MX8 EP grease to lubricate winch bearings and INOX-MX8 EP spray grease or INOX-MX9 chain lubefor winch cables and shackles.

Under ground pump motors and electrical systems

INOX-MX3 will keep this equipment free from moisture and corrosion.

Should any pump motors, electrical parts or fittings go under water(under ground mine or above ground flood) the equipment or fitting should be flushed with fresh water and a liberal coat of INOX-MX3 should sprayed inside and out, then allowed to drain for a couple of hours. This will remove any residual moisture and stop corrosion from starting and in the greater majority of cases allow the equipment to go back into immediate service thus saving on costly repairs.

INOX-MX3 and LANOX-MX4 can be readily used on all DC, single and multi-phase alternating currents.

Aggregate grading and conveyor systems

Anywhere there is a high dust problem around machinery. Use INOX-MX11 to flush bushes and bearings, sprockets, chains and couplings clean. For wet areas use INOX-MX3 to do the same job.

Use INOX-MX8 EP grease for all bearings, universal and grease nippled bushes.

Use INOX-MX8 spray grease on all other bushes, couplings, sprockets and chains Use INOX-MX3 for protection from moisture and corrosion on all electrical parts and equipment and general lubrication of linkages, hinges, etc.

For high moisture or wet areas use LANOX-MX4.