Introducing 2-Way Nozzles on Supersized MX3, MX3FG & MX4!

Two Way Nozzles are now available for our renowned MX3, MX3FG, and MX4 lubricant lines in a bigger 375g can. Experience unparalleled precision and versatility in application, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether it’s for intricate machinery, food-grade equipment, or heavy-duty applications, our Two Way Nozzle enhances the effectiveness of our trusted lubricants.


Features of the Two Way Nozzle

Dual Spray Options

The Two Way Nozzle offers two distinct spray settings to cater to different application needs. The wide spray setting provides extensive coverage, ideal for large surface areas, ensuring thorough lubrication with products like the MX3 and MX4. The precision stream setting allows for targeted application, perfect for reaching tight spaces in complex machinery or food processing equipment, complementing the MX3FG’s use in sensitive environments.

Enhanced Precision

Designed for accuracy, the Two Way Nozzle ensures that every spray reaches its intended target. This precision is crucial for the MX3’s use in electrical and electronics applications, where detailed lubrication can prevent corrosion and moisture damage.

Versatile Use

The nozzle’s adaptability makes it a perfect companion for a range of applications. From the MX3’s versatility in automotive, aviation, and marine industries to the MX3FG’s specialized use in food and beverage production, and the MX4’s effectiveness in marine and heavy-duty settings, the Two Way Nozzle enhances the application efficiency of each lubricant.

MX3 Lubricant Applications

The Two Way Nozzle complements the MX3’s anti-corrosion and anti-moisture properties, making it more effective in automotive, engineering, and marine applications. Its precision application helps in penetrating stuck parts and providing lasting protection.

Wide Spray Mode

  • Automotive undercarriage protection.
  • Marine surface rust prevention.
  • General lubrication in industrial machinery.
  • Coating electrical equipment for moisture protection.
  • Broad coverage for farming and agricultural machinery.

Precision Stream Mode

  • Lubricating automotive door hinges, locks, and engine parts.
  • Precise application on boat winches and chains.
  • Protecting specific electrical connectors and switches.
  • Detailed lubrication in DIY tools and home repairs.
  • Maintenance of motorcycle and bike chains and gears.

MX3FG Food Grade Lubricant Applications

With the NSF H1 food grade approval, the MX3FG is essential for food processing equipment. The Two Way Nozzle ensures safe and precise lubrication, preventing corrosion and moisture in critical food handling areas.

Wide Spray Mode

  • General maintenance of food processing equipment.
  • Lubricating large surfaces in beverage production machinery.
  • Broad application in commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Coating surfaces in food packaging and handling machinery.

Precision Stream Mode

  • Targeted lubrication on conveyor belts and gears in food processing.
  • Precise application in bottling and canning lines.
  • Lubricating small, intricate parts in food-grade machinery.
  • Detailed maintenance in food storage and refrigeration equipment.

MX4 Lanox Lanolin Lubricant Applications

Ideal for marine and heavy-duty applications, the MX4 benefits from the Two Way Nozzle’s ability to provide thorough coverage and targeted application. This ensures effective rust proofing and lubrication, even in challenging environments.

Wide Spray Mode

  • Heavy-duty rust prevention on industrial machinery.
  • Marine equipment and boat surface protection.
  • Broad coverage for outdoor furniture and garden tools.
  • General lubrication in transport and logistics vehicles.

Precision Stream Mode

  • Detailed application on industrial tools and bearings.
  • Lubricating specific components in marine engines and equipment.
  • Precise maintenance of sports equipment metal parts.
  • Targeted lubrication in aviation components and hinges.