January 6th, 2020

For many Aussies (including ourselves), the summer break is the perfect opportunity to unwind from our busy schedules and pack up the ute with camping gear and go sleep under the stars for a few nights with our family or friends. While we’ve been making our own camping plans for the summer, we thought we would make a list of the best, off-the-grid camping spots that we’ve been to all over the country:

Fraser Island, Queensland
Located off of Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, Fraser is the largest sand island in the world with over 120km of pristine white sand. To get to the island, you will need to drive or fly to Hervey Bay at which point you will need to have a 4WD to drive onto the ferry (foot passengers can go for a day trip). Also, you need to make sure that you purchase a camping permit for Fraser Island. While on the island, you should make a point of going to Indian Head, a viewpoint located on an outcrop of rocks where you can take in 360 degrees of stunning views. Also, no trip to Fraser Island is complete without a swim in the beautiful waters of Lake Mackenzie.

Cape York, Queensland
Located in far northern Queensland, Cape York is a remote peninsula which has the largest stretch of unspoiled wilderness in the northern part of Australia. The cape is outlined by white sandy beaches where you can watch breathtaking sunrises and if you head inland you’ll find wilderness, sweeping plains, waterholes and lakes so you really do get the best of both worlds and have a chance to explore all facets of nature. Also, this peninsula is known for nights spent beneath an unbelievable number of stars.

Cape Leveque, WA
Located 240 km north of Broome, Cape Leveque is very rural with limited facilities to be found. However, avid campers are rarely deterred by a lack of amenities and many people flock to Cape Leveque to switch off, leave the city life behind for a few days and embrace the untouched, remote beaches. In Cape Leveque you can camp on cliff tops and spend your evenings watching the sun as it sets over the ocean in front of you.

Stradbroke Island, QLD
Another one of South East Queensland’s Island gems, Stradbroke Island is a very short trip from Brisbane that will still have you feeling relaxed and secluded. Stradbroke has a combination of beachside and inland camping options that will help you to explore all of the wonders of the island. There is a range of activities to keep you busy on the island from surfing to 4WD and even sand surfing (think snowboarding on sand dunes)!

El Questro, WA
El Questro is 700,000 acres of expansive, untouched terrain. Camping here will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature to an almost spiritual extent. From thermal springs to rejuvenating waterfalls to raw sandstone ranges, you’ll experience the outdoors like never before. You even have the option to explore El Questro via water, land, air or horse.

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