November 22nd, 2019

From crazy world records to shocking inventions there are a lot of unbelievable, but true, motorcycle -related facts. Read our 10 favourites below:

    • The world record for the longest backwards motorcycle ride is 125.52 miles (202km). The record was set on 7th October 2014 in India.
    • Keanu Reeves used a chunk of his profit from The Matrix to buy motorcycles for all of the stuntmen who worked on the movie.
    • The French electrician Emile Leray once broke down in the middle of the desert in Morroco. He was 32km from the closest village so he used his car parts to build a makeshift motorcycle.

  • The first motorcycle helmet was invented by the neurosurgeon who fought to save the life of Lawrence of Arabia after his fatal motorcycle accident. After this crash, helmets became mandatory.
  • There is a motorcycle named the ‘Toilet Bike Neo’ which runs off of human waste. The bike comes with 2 cylinders which store waste in the form of biogas and when both cylinders are full you get almost 300km.
  • Malcolm Forbes- the founder of Forbes magazine- owned 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • Billy Baxter- a soldier who lost his sight when serving in Bosnia- broke the world record for the fastest blind solo on land with a speed of 265km.
  • An Australian stunt driver named Robbie Maddison set the record for longest motorcycle jump in Melbourne, at a massive 106.98m
  • In 2015, the longest motorcycle in the world was built in India and measures a whopping 26.29m
  • Actor Erik Estrada from the 1970’s police TV show CHiPS, had a major motorcycle accident while filming an episode and ended up having to film scenes from his hospital bed.

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