November 5th, 2019

As we head into Summer, some parts of Australia will be heating up to 30°C and higher. That is definitely what we would call ideal boating weather. When you’ve planned a perfect day out on the lake or the waves, the last thing you’ll need is to have your day hindered by a wheel bearing failure.

How often should I lubricate/service my wheel bearings?
Every 6 months and always before a big trip or journey. You may think that because you haven’t been using your trailer all winter that it’ll be fine but in actual fact, condensation within the cavity of your bearing can still cause rust.

How do I check the grease levels?
Check the grease levels by removing the wheel and taking the hub off the axle. If the grease looks white or milky in colour, it means the grease has been contaminated by water. If the grease is black in colour it may have overheated from harsh conditions.

How do I lubricate my wheel bearings?

  • Remove dust caps with the help of a screwdriver
  • After you have manually cleaned as much grease as possible, clean the parts with INOX MX11 cleaner or a similar degreaser/solvent.
  • If possible, dry the parts with compressed air but ensure you don’t spin them at high speed
  • Inspect your fittings to ensure they aren’t scored, pitted rusted or discoloured
  • Place a dollop of INOX MX8 in the palm of one hand and hold the bearing in the other
  • Squash the bearing into the grease, rotating it ensuring to get the grease onto the rollers
  • Lather the grease into the bearing thoroughly until the grease begins to ooze out the other side


  • The INOX MX8 lubricant is a premium grade anti-friction grease containing PTFE which means it will give increased lubrication as well as reducing the operating temperature
  • This particular lubricant also has extreme pressure and anti-wear properties which makes it ideal for the high load conditions of a boat trailer
  • The fact this is a lithium complex grease means it will withstand an extremely wide range of varying temperatures and high resistance to water washout.

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