October 18th, 2019

In Australia, more than 85% of the population lives within 50km of the beach, which means that there are a lot of folks who have boats and they love to get out on the water as much as possible!

Thankfully a lot of boats and boat parts are now made from aluminium rather than steel, which is great because aluminium doesn’t suffer from the same fate as steel when exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, there are boating items that still need to be made from steel for various reasons, such as tensile strength or weight requirements. So what’s the best course of action for protecting these items that are prone to high corrosion?

In about 70% of applications, some INOX and LANOX products can be substituted for one another, but there are times when you need more strength. If your application requires a heavier, longer-lasting anti-corrosion lubricant, then you need LANOX, but what is LANOX? Lanox is a Lanolin based anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant which has been designed for more heavy-duty applications than the original INOX.

Left untreated, things like anchors, chains and shackle bolts that are often submerged or splashed consistently with salty water will be absolutely destroyed in no time at all. This is where LANOX MX4 shines. Easily applied to intricate shapes like chains with our spray-can version, a light coating of LANOX MX4 will protect steel from extremely harsh and corrosive conditions due to not being water-soluble. Being that LANOX contains no silicon, acids, kerosene or dieselene, it makes it perfect for boating applications where there is a duty to be mindful of the environment. Even though many boat trailers are produced in aluminium nowadays, they often utilise galvanised steel which needs to be protected. Spraying LANOX on the galv-steel pieces under your trailer is a great way to protect it.

Harsh conditions call for tough protection, but this isn’t all LANOX is good for. LANOX provides incredible protection for many items in many different industries. In the construction industry, tools such as shovels, trowels, floats and formwork can be sprayed with LANOX to keep them clean and corrosion-free between use. In the earth-moving industry, blades, bolts, nuts and screws can be coated in LANOX to protect bare metal surfaces. It suffices to say that LANOX’s applications are wide and far-reaching.

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