October 25th, 2021

Taking things apart, seeing what makes them tick and putting them back together is as satisfying as completing a good puzzle. Except, after this puzzle, you have a nifty toy to play around with – so if anything, it’s better!

We pride ourselves on the sheer range of jobs a can, tube or tub of INOX can help you with. Take a look at our list of things you can pull apart and repair with the help of INOX.

This article is a guide and inspiration source for tinkering jobs of varying difficulties. Caution – when working with any electrical motors or fuel-powered engines, please follow all safety precautions. If you’ve never done something like this before, seek further advice.

Simple Repairs

Man casting a line over calm waters

Fishing Reels – Pulling apart a fishing reel is fishing 101. Use INOX-MX3 to flush and clean out salt corrosion, and INOX-MX6 on the gears before putting it back together. INOX is the perfect way to get the most out of your rods and reels by giving them advanced protection from rust and saltwater.

Beard Trimmer – Look, at some stage, you’re going to get so frustrated with your old, jammed up beard trimmer that you’ll want to pull it apart and dust out all that pesky hair that hides inside of it. Luckily these devices are pretty simple and run on a basic electric motor. So it’s a good starting point for people who don’t have much repair experience. Use our MX3FG injector bottle to put a drop of INOX in the blades to help it run more smoothly for longer.

Hobby Toys – Part of the hobby toy appeal is assembly, so you likely put this thing together in the first place and should know how to disassemble and rebuild it. Hobby toys like trains and cars will work much better when pulled apart and lubricated between all moving parts.

Pedestal Fan – A pedestal fan is essentially a rotating shaft powered by an electrical motor. It’s pretty easy to troubleshoot where your problem is coming from with one of these. Often, a coating of our original MX3 formula can get your fan spinning like new.

Toaster – A toaster is a simple item that conducts electricity through coils of wire that become red hot. The only other primary mechanism is the spring-loaded pop-up tray. Coincidently this will likely be what will need to be repaired first. INOX’s MX3 can help protect and lubricate a range of electrical items; just be cautious when using it around things that conduct extreme heat.

Blender – Similarly to a fan, a blender is a rotating blade powered by an electric motor stored in the base. Because it has one function, it is pretty straightforward to fix. If the blades are working, but not as well as you’d like, coating the gears and mechanisms with INOX using our MX3FG needle dropper bottle should get everything working again.

BBQ – A good barbeque will work well even when it’s falling apart and rusting. There’s often not much need to pull these bad boys apart, but if you want to get rid of some squeaks and make the nobs turn smoother, a can of INOX is sure to help.

Firearms – Pulling apart firearms is common practice for maintenance. Firearm owners across the country trust INOX-MX3 as a top-tier lubrication that offers protection from corrosion and moisture.

Power Tools – Fixing a power tool is pretty simple as long as you break it down into its parts. Tools like drills consist of several individual compartments, so an error in one area often doesn’t often impact another. After some troubleshooting, you should find what’s not working properly (if you didn’t already have an idea). Most parts can be fixed with good lubrication or replacement. The thing that will cause you the most stress is a motor failure or an electrical cord issue. Luckily it’s pretty easy to find replacements online.

Bicycles – We’ve all had to pull apart a bike at some point. With a bit of technical know-how, a good bicycle will last as long as the frame does. Stripping it down and separating the wheels, chain, breaks, pedals, and cranks allow you to get in, give it some good lubrication and get it running smoother than ever. The best part is, once you understand, you can repair a bike pretty much anywhere. We recommend using INOX’s classic (and versatile) MX3 to help protect and lubricate your bicycle.

Intermediate Repairs

Man tinkering with lawnmower engine

Lawnmower – Once you know what you’re doing, a lawnmower is a favourite fix-up job for tinkerers. If the engine is working fine, it may only be a matter of disassembling the item, relubricating it and putting it back together to make everything work again. Like all tinkering jobs, if the engine or power source is busted, the job becomes a lot harder, but that just makes it more satisfying to solve. Most mowers use a four-cylinder or two-cylinder engine that are pretty easy to fix up.

Radio – Here is where the jobs start merging into electrical work. Pulling apart a radio involves a lot of wirework and connecting different inputs to the motherboard. Still, it’s a good base step for electrical repairs.

Go Kart – Go-karting is many people’s entry to more complex vehicle repairs. The features are similar to that of a car but much more straightforward. Racing go-karts are often powered by two-stroke or four-stroke engines. INOX’s MX5 can help lubricate all moving parts and protect metal parts from rust.

Motor Boat – Being able to strip down your outboard motor, service it and put it back together may save you from being left adrift. Most dinghies and motorboats are powered by simple small engines that are steered directly from the back. A larger vessel with helm steering will be a more complicated job.

Small Engines – Small gas engines are relied on for work and fun. They power lawn mowers, air compressors, chain saws, whipper snippers, boats, jet skis, light aircrafts and other toys. Internal combustion gasoline-powered engines consist of six systems: fuel, ignition, combustion, cooling, lubrication and exhaust. Knowing how to pull one of these apart will save you a few pricey repair costs.

Complex Repairs

Mechanic inspecting car engine

Cars/Motorcycles – When people get into mechanics and repairs, this is either their end destination or the spot they dive into first. Depending on how you learn, this may be an exciting challenge or an intimidating obstacle. If you like jumping into the deep end, many people love revamping, modding and repairing their road vehicles or constructing their dream car from scratch. Just remember, you may be without transport for some time if you’ve never tackled anything similar. If you want the best lubrication in Australia, pick up some cans of INOX to protect and improve your car build’s functionality.

Aeroplane – There are strict rules on what you can do to your aircraft. Australian pilots can perform some maintenance tasks, but you must be a certified pilot to do work on your plane. INOX products have a range of uses in the aviation industry depending on your needs.

Agricultural Machinery – Tractors and agricultural machinery are big jobs, and we mean that literally. When the machine you’re working on is as big as a house, you need big tools. INOX stocks a range of tough agricultural products that specialise in handling high-pressure jobs.

INOX products can help you out no matter what job you’re doing. If you’ve used any of our products on jobs similar to what we’ve listed above, let us know on our socials. Attach an image with your INOX product in frame and you may get a shoutout!