April 12th, 2022

INOX is one of the biggest Australian manufacturers of lubricants. Our Queensland based company first released the INOX product range in 1989 with the MX3 formula, and has since grown to 12 unique products on the market.

INOX Lubricants is known to have the best cans in the business and recently it became official. We’re very proud to announce that we have received a Highly Commended award for the category of Innovation in Packaging at the 2022 Aerosol Industry Awards.

Some of you may still have some of our older cans lying around. It’s crazy to see how things have changed. Our products certainly look more stylish, but they’ll always contain the same, tried-and-true formulas that you love! Thank you to everyone who picks INOX products off the shelves.

This award is thanks to the passion and love which backs the INOX brand!

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We worked closely with the design team at Ronin Marketing to create our new look – that speaks to the quality of the INOX brand that customers know and love, whether they be new to the brand or long time patrons. We wanted to enable a seamless experience for our customers by creating a design that was familiar, timeless, and captured the key usages of the product, as well as the key features of the can.

Once we had our MX3 can ready to be labelled, we got in touch with our Australian  Manufacturing and Packaging partners and began the process of changing the labelling. The new can is sleek, strong, and bold – both in the store and on the shelf at home. We hope you love it just as much as we do.