INOX-MX3 for Fishing

INOX lubricant are considered to be the best for continued care and maintenance use on all your fishing rods, reels and terminal tackle.

INOX will keep your fishing reels in good working order, free from salt corrosion and premature wear when used in the extreme salt water environments. INOX MX3 should be applied after every fishing trip (by wash misting reels off in fresh water and allow to dry in the shade), after by applying INOX MX3 spray on the outside of fishing reels to displace water ingress and to prevent corrosion on exterior chromed body cowlings; and within crevices on fishing reels especially with dissimilar metal contact. INOX will not harm fishing lines (Such as Mono-filament, PE or Fluorocarbon lines), paintwork or finishes on modern day fishing reels. INOX doesn’t gum up, become sticky or gooey and does not dry out or wash off with water!

For years of faithful service from your reels, whether you have a small low profile bait cast and spinning reels to the largest and expensive game fishing overhead and spinning reels, INOX will keep them maintained in first class working order and protected from galvanic corrosion or while in storage between use. INOX will not harm fiberglass or rod epoxy finishes, also by applying INOX MX3 to keep your rod guide runners free from corrosion and salt buildup.


For the quality lubrication of these parts, use INOX MX8 Extreme Pressure grease (refer to the INOX-mx8 grease section on this website) on brass and stainless steel gears or where extreme duty straight cut gearing exists. Use INOX MX6 on nylon and Aluminum / Alloy ring drive and pinion gearing within modern day high speed / ratio spinning reels. Modern day  stainless steel (304 to 316) bearings can be serviced by cleaning and reapplying either MX3 oil or MX6 grease. By applying oil to bearings using either the MX3 or the MX5 with PTFE, this will gain faster bearing speeds with less resistance; whereas by using INOX MX6 or MX7 (Extreme pressure PTFE lube) greases to gain smoother longer lasting bearings with minimal resistance gained.

“I have been repairing and trading game fishing rods and reels from all around the world for the last 23 years and INOX is the only product that I would use or recommend, it’s simply the best there is”. IAN ‘Gumboots’ STAPELY – Game Fishing – Bay of Islands, New Zealand

  • INOX MX3FG is Food Grade and is quite safe to use on hooks & lures, and around fish filleting and final fish preparation.
  • INOX will not taint baits or lure finishes.
  • INOX MX5, MX6 and MX8 contain PTFE which is a friction modifier and will reduce wear and tear.
  • For more reel maintenance information:

INOX MX3 is safe to use around all your tackle. Spray it on hooks, swivels, traces, knives and hard bodied lure trebles and on any of your fishing gear that needs protection from rust or salt corrosion. Keeps them looking good and usable for many years.

“We sell INOX, we use INOX, we recommend INOX, our customers love it, the professional fishermen swear by it. In the last 13 years we have tried a lot of different products, but nothing will beat INOX, it’s just the best.” DAVO’S BAIT & TACKLE, QLD.

Caution: INOX may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term contact.