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  1. Ward Williams says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if this product MX3 INOX is suitable to

    apply in motorcycle key ignitions ??

    • customer service Ashley says:

      Hi Ward,

      INOX MX3 is commonly used in this application with great results.

      Regards – INOX Team

  2. John Hare says:

    A builder recently recommended INOX (we live very close to the sea).
    However, I’m not clear as to how to apply it. Some situations like door locks one can obviously spray on directly but other situations like railing wire on balconies would probably need to be applied with a cloth. Can you spray on to a cloth and then wipe down the appropriate surface …. or is this ineffectual?

    • Customer Service says:

      Hi John,
      INOX is perfect for this application. Spraying in a cloth and wiping over the surface is recommended as it reduces over spray.

      Regards – INOX Team

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