INOX-MX3 for Manufacturing

Inox anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant has a wide application for the maintenance and smooth running operation of all manufacturing plant and equipment.


AUSTRALIA: Instrument of Approval is freely available on request.
NEW ZEALAND: NZFSA C 12 (All animal products except dairy)
(Copies of Food Grade Approvals can be downloaded from the Food Grade Approvals page)

NATO Defence Manufacturer’s Code No. Z5594/5 (R.A.N. App.)


Use INOX anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant to penetrate, lubricate & protect for the following applications. For chains, sprockets, meat hooks, wet area relays, solenoids, switches & light fittings, motors and fans in cold rooms and freezers, taps, valves and pipe threads, conveyor bearings and bushes. Spray INOX on the outside of bone, waste meat and seafood bins and waste food compactors to stop any spread of fly maggots. For food and beverage bottling and canning conveyor line bearings, bushes and rollers. Switches, relays, solenoids, electrical plugs, sockets and junction boxes on hot water heaters and cookers. Field windings, armatures, circuits, solenoids, switches, splines & couplings on pump & drive motors.


INOX is a fine textured, non-staining lubricant that can safely be used on all pin & roller bearings, bushes, shafts, gears, pivots and hinges for sewing machines, overlockers, electric scissors, spinning wheels and weaving looms. Stops moisture and corrosion problems.


INOX is considered the best cutting lubricant for stopping tool chatter, furring and burring and other problems that are encountered when working aluminium. INOX is widely used by the aluminium industry in the manufacture of garage doors, insect & security screens, sliding doors, retail & shop front fittings. Use INOX to lubricate protect against corrosion, locks, hinges, door rollers & tracks. INOX makes it easier to remove corrosion from aluminium. INOX lubricant will improve performance when used on sheet metal seam folding and edging machines. INOX will make cutting easier on sheet metal shearing machines and guillotines. INOX keeps machinery and equipment cleaner and corrosion free. Use INOX to lubricate bushes, shafts and spindles.


Use INOX to protect circular and ban saw blades after sharpening until they are used or are stored between use for long periods from corrosion. INOX will lubricate, clean and protect log bed carrier and bench feed bearings from corrosion caused by timber resins. INOX lubricant is a good self oiling lubricant for chain saws, keeps the chain and bar free of corrosion & stops the build up of timber resins.


INOX anti-corrosion lubricant has a very wide application for all air operated and controlled equipment. INOX will keep moisture and corrosion out of solenoid valves, cylinders, actuators and lines. Use INOX to lubricate the total pneumatic system, it stops equipment like valves and cylinders sticking. INOX will free up air control equipment that is frozen with corrosion. INOX is used in automatic line lubricators. INOX will not gum up or effect neoprene seals.

Caution: Inox may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term use.