INOX-MX3 for Hobbies

For lubrication and long term protection from moisture and corrosion, use INOX anti-corrosion lubricant for model aircraft engines, wheels, all control linkages, (keeps model aircraft engines protected in storage), model sailing and motor boat steering gear and rigging, model racing cars, all remote control gear.

Use INOX on model steam engines, pistons, cylinder, shafts and bearings, valves and slides. Use INOX on slot cars, remote control fuel and electric model racing cars, all the electrics, motors, control and steering linkages, wheels and gears, all moving parts. Electric train track switching gear, engine & carriage wheels, bushes, electric motors & contacts.

“Gives superior protection to electrical wiring (stops the effect of electrolysis on copper windings), tuning capacitors, loudspeaker assemblies, transformers and chassis. After extensive testing of many penetrating, anti-corrosion and lubricating products, we now use INOX exclusively in all the restoration work undertaken by this department”. Chief Engineer, The Melbourne Wireless & Sound Museum

Antique radios, clocks, toys, trains, boats, planes, what ever your hobby is, only the fine lubricating and anti-corrosion qualities of INOX give the best all round protection from corrosion and care for your hobby.

Caution: Inox may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term use.