INOX-MX3 for Domestic Uses

Inox lubricant has 1001 uses around the home.


INOX readily penetrates all forms of corrosion to free up hinges, locks, nuts and bolts, shafts, chains, light fittings, switches, control cables, water faucets toilet cistens, etc and will keep them free and serviceable for months on end.


The anti-corrosion and lubricating quality of INOX is the right product for long term, trouble free service for bicycle chains & bearings, roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, control cables, lawnmowers, snowploughs, hedge trimmers, power tools, door locks & hinges, sliding doors & windows, garage roller doors, sewing machines & anywhere else around the home that might need a quality lubricant.


For protection from rust and other forms of corrosion, spray INOX on wrenches and hand tools, outdoor swings, bicycles, TV antennas, light fittings & switches, garden tools, power tools, BBQ’s, hinges, locks, aluminium windows & doors, lawnmowers & snowploughs, chain saws, outdoor furniture and the list goes on & on.


Spray INOX on a clean cloth and wipe over timber furniture, wipe the excess off with a soft dry cloth and it will leave that table, chair or furniture piece with a lovely polished sheen.
For stainless sink and wash basins – Get rid of hard to remove stains. Dry the sink first, give it a good spray of INOX and wait 5 – 10 minutes. Then give the sink a good scrub with a non-metal scourer (ex. plastic or Scotch Brite) this should remove all the stains, wash the INOX off with hot water and dish washing detergent and the sink will stay bright and easy to clean for months.

INOX Anti-corrosion lubricant is absolute quality and has 1000’s of uses in and around the home & garden, for the home handyperson, for hobbies, for children’s toys & play equipment, for teenager’s sporting equipment and the sporting person.


Caution: Inox may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term use.