INOX-MX3 for Automotive

The major qualifying points that makes inox-mx3 lubricant such a good product for the auto industry are :

  • Contains no silicon or kerosene type solvents, so it is safe to use around onboard electronic systems and spray painting.
  • Doesn’t dry out or wash off with water, has long lasting penetrating and lubricating qualities with good anti-corrosion ability.
  • Non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-static.


INOX is a good anti-corrosion penetrate and lubricant for electrical fittings and systems, unseizes light fittings, switches, solenoids & relays, keeps them operational and free from moisture and corrosion, can be used on all brake, tail & clearance lights, etc. Good anti-moisture product for coils, plugs, distributors, cable joints & connectors, also keeps out corrosion. INOX-mx3 is an ideal lubricant for repairs and service work to generators, alternators, starter, wiper and window winding motors.

“Why is INOX so good, because it works, CRC and WD 40 and the others might work sometimes, but INOX works every time”. Danny Wolter – Nerang Car & Truck Electrics. QLD.


In freezing and below freezing temperatures, spray INOX into lock key ways, door locking and operating mechanisms to stop them freezing up. Spray INOX on a cloth and wipe on the door seals to stop doors freezing shut.


INOX is a good penetrating oil for loosening up screws, rivets, nuts and bolts holding body panels, spring shackles and U bolts, suspensions and steering. As INOX contains no silicon it will not cause any problems with spray painting.


Good lubricant for door hinges and locks (keeps the squeak out of door hinges for months on end), linkages and cables. Good penetrating qualities for the easy removal of exhaust systems, head studs, manifold bolts and for the removal and replacement of sparkplugs.


INOX gives protection from moisture and corrosion, extends shelf life when sprayed on newly ground camshafts and crankshafts, rebuilt heads, rebored and reground engine blocks. Good lubricant for assembling motors, protects them from corrosion until used.


Makes for easier removal of injector heads, will keep them corrosion free and in good condition until refitted. Keeps carburettors in good condition, butterfly and choke shafts, accelerator linkages and cables well lubricated and stops them from sticking. INOX is good for all service and maintenance work carried out on carburettors, injectors and pumps.


INOX is a good vinyl reviver, spray it on a clean cloth and polish your dash, centre console, door panels, brings them up like new. Driving on country roads or highways at night in summer, spray INOX on the front of the car, bonnet, headlights and those annoying hard to remove insects that stick to the front of the car will wash off next morning with a blast of water from the garden hose.

Caution: INOX may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term use.